Live First . . . Write Second . . .

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Are you constantly asking the question: What should I write? 

           Even the most gifted writers sometimes face writers block, but there is a point where writers block becomes perfectly explainable.  Most great writers did not spend their whole lives locked up in a study sweating over a typewriter.  Before they had anything to say about the world, they got out and looked at the world, and got to know its inhabitants.

           If you are struggling to find material, the planet earth is filled with interesting things to write about.  The particular quarks of your neighbors, folksy or not, will help with dialog.  The particular plights of your city may aid in an interesting plot line.  And, if you search hard enough, you may find real life characters with personalities that could fill several novel

The point is you must fill your head with all sorts of things before you will have anything to tell the reader.